Sunspot has grown

The sunspot that I have sketched two days ago has grown in the meantime. The main spot has not changed much but the surroundings have changed considerably.

To the left the sunspot as I have sketched it this afternoon around 4 PM. The telescope was again the Meade ETX-125. Eyepiece Meade Super Plösll 26mm with 2x Barlow. To the right the same section from the SOHO satellite image.

This time I also have mentioned the scale and the orientation of the image. I have determined the orientation by switching off the guide motor (not practical if you want to go on observing). The part of the sun that moves out of the field of view is the West. Because in a Meade ETX the light is reflected three times North is 90 degrees clockwise from West. The image from the Soho satellite is rotated and mirrored to get the same orientation as the drawing.

This result shows that sketching can result is a quite actual represenation of the image. Especially after some more practice. The distances between the indivual sunspots are quite good but I made the main spot too large.