Sunspots - continuation

Chis has also looked at the sun with his telescope and he mentions:

"I have looked on Wednesday afternoon; I have seen 7 sunspots at about 30 degrees South and 7 sunspots at 30 degrees Northern longitude. Lattitude for both groups is about the same. Certainly worth a look. It is several years ago that I have seen such a large group. Apparently the minimum in solar activity in the 11 year cycle is passed".

This observation dates from the same date as this picture of mine. This picture shows that there are even more than 7 sunspots in this group.


To know as quickly as possible if there are sunspots I have included the SOHO-image  (near-realtime) on this website in the column to the right. In this way you know if it is worthwhile to point your telescope at the sun.