Obsession 18" classic for sale

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Original Obsession Classic 18" F/4.5 with Servocat track and goto system and Argo Navis navigation computer. Completely automated goto and tracking system. Total new price for this system is $ 10,036.

When disassembled the telescope can easily fit in a SUV or pick-up truck for transport to a dark site; the cage with the secondary mirror is placed in a custom made box for storage and transport. Setting up the telescope, collimation and initial alignment can be done in about 15 minutes.

A Dobsonian telescope is primarily a telescope for visual use. Taking pictures is possible and done; it is depending on the weather conditions; in Curaçao there is always a rather strong wind which makes it almost impossible to work with longer exposture times. Imaging the planets and the moon can easily be done by making a movie and stacking the best frames. Deep Sky Objects is not possible in Curaçao because of the wind, but I have seen images taken with this kind of telescop from other countries that are quite good. Very long exposures cannot be used because of the alt-azimuth drive system.