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Image Stabilized Binoculars

For a long time I am thinking about acquiring an image stabilized binocular. There is in fact only one brand that comes to mind and that is Canon. And with a short vacation coming up where an image stabilized binocular could be used for eartly purposes, I once again went searching for reviews on the Internet. That is how I found the following article. The article is already dated but still worth reading. The first part of the article follows and below it a link to the original article for the remaining part. 

Stabilizing your binoculars at resonable cost

In the past I hardly ever visited the website of Sky and Telescope. But with the newsfeed of the most interesting articles on this website I more often click on a link. And, when at the website of S&T, the attention is drawn to other articles. In this way I came accross the article to stabilize your binoculars without investing in an expensive Image Stabilized version.
Read the whole article: Image Stabilize your binoculars.