Sunsports - February 12, 2010

At the end of this afternoon the sunspot group 1046 (left of center in this picture) was still about the same size as in my previous observation. There is a lot of activity but that is not shown with the type of filter that I am using. On the website an animation can be found of a solar flare that has been seen this morning in this group.
The first group (1045) is to the right in the picture and almost disappears over the edge. In this area there are a lot of bright (hotter) spots. Comparable hot spotes can also been seen at the left side in the picture; so it is probable that this is the first sight of a new group.

This picture is rotated compared to the previous pictures to show the actual orientation of the sun at our location. The previous pictures show the sun near the horizon. At our location (12 degrees longitude) the sun rises almost perpendicular to the horizon and the consequence is that the solar axis is almost paralled to the horizon. The same can be seen with the moon. People who are used to see the moon in Holland often question why the moon is far more on its side than in Holland.